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At the core of electronic payments processing is the need for your business to provide convenience for your customers while also capturing every sale through means of diverse payment options.

Our range of products covers everything from simple credit card acceptance to complex software and mobile and multi-POS environments.

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  • Card ServicesCard acceptance is a necessity for businesses operating in our technology centric marketplace. It means you can offer convenience to your customers while also securing current and future sales. Credit and debit acceptance makes up for the majority of payments processed in the United States while EBT enables customers the flexibility to utilize benefits at a broad range of businesses. Keep up with industry changes with Heritage Payment Solutions Card acceptance product offerings.
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    • Credit

    • Debit

    • EBT

  • Check ServicesWhile the industry is making a shift towards electronic payments there are still those businesses that have a crucial need for paper check transactions. Our line of check services gives you the option of everything from a simple verification of funds to full-fledged check conversion with guarantee. We also offer remote deposit capture solutions for businesses to businesses merchants to make it easier to handle large batch check approvals.
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    • Verification

    • Guarantee

    • RDC

  • SoftwareThe future is here and as the merchant services industry is taking hold of emerging technologies there is no better time than now to make the switch. Speed, security, portability and many other features of software point of sales make them a formidable contender for the primary means of payment acceptance. Many mobile options operate off of cellular towers and software based systems can use broadband internet to provide "constant on" network connectivity without the hassle of costly analog phone lines; while mobile point of sale systems can utilize existing cell phone plans. We offer competitive, fairly priced gateway options and equipment.
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    • eCommerce

    • Mobile

    • POS

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All of our merchants can rest assured that they are processing payments utilizing fully PCI DSS compliant networks and terminal equipment/software. Through our strategic partnership we offer all merchants yearly compliance assessments to assure your business is protected from costly breach fees.


Have you seen your merchant services account representative lately? At Heritage Payment Solutions, we champion small & medium business. Doing so provides us with the means to provide consistent and meaningful follow ups with our existing merchants. A commitment from you to us is a commitment from us to you.

Our 24/7 customer service is here to answer immediate questions and concerns, and escalations are handled by our sales representatives so that your business stays running smooth.

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