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The 1stPayPOS is designed for quick service restaurant and retail environments. With full support for cash drawer and scanning peripherals, the 1stPayPOS provides a fully integrated payment and inventory experience that will make your business more efficient. For a brief overview, view the video below.


  • Customize the items in your inventory including modifiers (ie. small/medium/large)
  • Print customer receipts at the point of sale location and separate tickets to your kitchen printer
  • 1stPayPOS utilizes end-to-end encryption to keep your data secure
  • 1stPayPOS has an integrated employee timeclock
  • 24/7 Support to ensure your system stays up and running without downtime
  • And Much More...


  • Q: What does the 1stPayPOS cost?

    A: The 1stPayPOS is very competitively priced and we provide a wide range of payment options from outright purchase to leasing.

  • Q: Can I transfer my existing inventory?

    A: As long as your inventory can be exported in the proper format. Be sure to ask your sales representative to verify this at your appointment.

  • Q: Does the 1stPayPOS come with an iPad?

    A: The iPad is not provided with the system, but any iPad running iOS7 is compatible.

  • Q: Is the 1stPayPOS system secure?

    A: The 1stPayPOS meets VISA/MC PCI compliance standards and encrypts all sensitive card data.

  • Q: Is the 1stPayPOS system difficult to use?

    A: The 1stPayPOS is very user friendly. Also support and training will ensure that you are proficient with the system in short time.

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